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Inventory 2017 hot selling truck steering wheel cover


Reading: On the steering wheel cover, everyone's first thought must be on the road, used by their own cars. In fact, there are many kinds of steering wheel sets on the size of the model there is a small, medium, large, and usually we use or common are medium 38CM. Today Xiaobian took everyone to learn more about the large steering wheel cover.

Inventory 2017 hot selling truck steering wheel cover

Large steering wheel cover is divided into models: 40CM, 42CM, 45CM, 47CM, 50CM

Some of the few SUVs and some small vans have 40CM steering wheels, and the 40th is the least used in large steering wheel sets. 42CM 45CM is used most like Fukuda, Liberation, JAC, Jiangling, Ao Ling, Shuai Ling, Kama, etc. These from 40CM to 50CM have different models not the same age, the size of the disk set may also be different.

Some people say that there is no need to install a steering wheel cover for the cart. The car is mainly used for decorative purposes. In fact, the steering wheel cover is not only used for good-looking, but also the steering wheel cover has the effect of shock absorption and compression, and it can also be used to improve the safety of driving. PolyU cars are also needed. The following small series describes several of the better truck steering wheels sold in 2017.

Recommended style one: hand-made truck steering wheel cover

From this name, it can be seen that this is made by hand and the four colors are very simple: black, red, gray, black, beige, black red, dark gray, wine red

The use of PVC material is flexible and feels good. At the same time, this method of preparation also makes the steering wheel cover more slippery. Speaking of this hand-crafted truck steering wheel cover can not talk about 2017 hot money, before the use of trucks to set buyers or wholesalers know this has been on the market for many years has been very popular with consumers, Good looks, durability, and economic benefits are synonymous with it.

Recommended styles II and III: Microfiber leather steering wheel steering wheel cover

The following two styles are ultra-fiber leather material, compared to the one of the two models it seems to be high-end to see some of the workmanship is more heavy, because compared to the car with the medium-sized 38CM large from the cut to the sewing It's much more complicated. These two models are very beautiful styles, and the extra thickness of the extra-fiber skin is more wear-resistant. To add a few extra points to the set, both the stylish and fashionable truck sets are just for them.

Recommended style four: Pew oblique sports truck steering wheel cover

This suit uses Pewee material, using the finest Pew as raw materials, the splicing method is simple but without losing the large 7 color optional: black plus red, black plus coffee, black plus orange, black plus rice, black plus gray Grey plus coffee and Miga coffee. Pew's material feels soft and elastic, and the splicing color impact makes the whole set look lively and adds a sports atmosphere. The simple workmanship gives a lot of cost to the set itself, so this absolute advantage on the price is much simpler than the waste of the super-fiber skin. High cost performance, wholesalers are the first choice.

Did you say so much about the steering wheel cover? Doesn't it feel it's also important!

Special attention is: Many owners do not know how to distinguish which model their truck should use, this model is how to divide, very simple size of the truck is calculated according to the outside diameter of the steering wheel of the truck, you just need to take a ruler when you buy How large is the outer diameter of the car?

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